Fashion photo shoot information


Commercial/lifestyle photography is open to all ages and sizes of models. It’s beneficial to have a portfolio with a range of locations and different types of looks. As well as photographing apparel, the addition of accessory(s) can offer many different directions for commercial fashion, lifestyle and fitness looks. (See below) This type of photo shoot is to feature your talent as a model in commercially viable photography.


Editorial photography creates a visual story. The theme can incorporate an interesting location, style of fashion, beauty looks, a type of lighting, colour choices… there are endless possibilities.  A common theme is to combine an interesting location with a number of related looks. Working through a location from one setting to another is an enjoyable and creative process. I’m happy to provide suggestions and welcome your ideas for this type of photo shoot.


Utilizing multiple lighting setups, backdrops and colour gels, a range of commercial, beauty and editorial looks are available. (See my Pinterest page for reference photos.)  Please make your own arrangements for a MUA and stylist.  The studio space I’m currently working with provides professional cleaning/sanitizing between bookings.

  • Photo selection: All photographs from the photo shoot will be uploaded as proofs for you and your agent to review. (About 60-80 photographs per hour, at 1200×1800 dpi.) The photography selected will be professionally edited and available for download as full-resolution digital files from my server. 
  • Accessories: Accessories can add subtle interest or be the main focus of a commercial or editorial photo shoot. Items such as a handbag, scarf, hat, sunglasses, watch, sports equipment, hiking and outdoor gear… What activities/interests do you have that can be incorporated into a photo shoot?
  • Posing: I’m very familiar with posing and can help provide direction with base poses, working digits, mergers, levels, foreshortening, narrowing points, contrapposto or “S” curve posing (women), “C” and “V” shape posing (men) and other nuanced aspects to posing. Please let me know if you’d like a 10-minute introduction to posing at the beginning of a photo shoot.

Pinterest photo references

I’ve selected hundreds of photo shoot ideas/inspirations for women and men, divided into urban, rural, studio, portrait and posing categories. Emailing 4-6 photo references for apparel, location and a few poses you’d like to incorporate into the session is a great first step to a successful photo shoot.  Pinterest pins

Additional information

  • Chaperone: You’re welcome to have someone along for the photo shoot.
  • Outfit changes: There’s generally time for one complete outfit change per hour.  In addition to complete outfit changes, you can wear/bring a jacket, sweater or other layers to quickly change your look. For an outdoor photo shoot, clothes can be hung from my light stand.
  • Outdoor locations: I’ve photographed and scouted many amazing nature and urban locations across South Vancouver Island. I’m happy to offer suggestions.
  • Composition techniques: To create compelling/fashionable photography, I regularly utilize various framing techniques, varying points of view, leading lines, negative space, foreground interest…
  • Photography equipment: I work with two full-framed Nikon cameras, utilizing a 24-70mm f2.8 and 70-200mm f2.8 lenses. This professional equipment can create beautifully out of focus backgrounds to emphasis you in the photograph. As well, I work with a portable strobe and softbox, which creates soft fill light to reduce shadows and further highlight you in the photograph.
  • Photo editing: I’ve been professionally editing photography in Photoshop since the late 90’s. My editing service includes exposure/colour correction, minor edits of distracting background elements and skin retouching.  
  • Brief history: My Grandfather was a professional photographer in New York City, an owner of a photo finishing lab and I’ve been framing photography in thirds for as long as I can remember. I’m the official photographer for the Maritime Museum of B.C., provide photography for local theatre groups and several non-profits. I’m expanding my services to include actor/model portfolio content, corporate and commercial photography.

Looking forward to working with you to create some amazing photography.
James Holkko