Rachel Trudeau, Public Engagement Manager | Maritime Museum of BC

“I had the privilege of working with James Holkko as our event photographer at the 41st annual Victoria Classic Boat Festival. James was incredibly professional and accommodating through the whole process of planning, scheduling, and shooting the event. James came to meet us at Maritime Museum of BC a few months before the event, to discuss the Festival’s theme, activities, volunteers, and key partners and sponsors that we wanted to highlight, as well as the overall “story” that we wanted to capture. After reviewing footage from his previous events, our entire team was excited to see the finished results from our event – and he managed to exceed all expectations!

James made a point of checking in with our organizers every day, explaining where he would be, asking us if there was anything else he should be covering, and providing some empathetic stories and support for our busy team! Incredibly friendly and approachable, James made sure his subjects were comfortable being photographed and then seemed to disappear into the background to go to work. As a result, his images are incredibly candid and capture the nature of our west coast community. We are so thrilled to have James as our event photographer and are even more excited to start sharing our images with visitors and sponsors, alike!”


Dr. Loys Maingon, Research Director Strathcona Wilderness Institute

“Strathcona Wilderness Institute had the tremendous privilege of having James Holkko as a guest speaker and photgrapher at our first annual mycology workshop. James gave one of the clearest presentations on the ins and outs of nature photography that I have ever had the pleasure of hearing. Although James attended the sessions delivered by the other guest lecturers, his presence as a photographer was incredibly self-effacing. James has an extremely professional ability to be an elusive presence – a bit of a “ghost” in the system – photographing without intruding.

For those of us familiar with Charles’ Darwin’s increasingly accepted theory that plants think, and by extension, that all organisms are worthy of ethical considerateness, James’ photography of species is illuminating. While James was invited to make a presentation on how to photograph for taxonomic purposes, we got much more than that. James’ photography is memorable artwork that captures the individuality and personality, even of fungi!”

His complementary photos of the participants were taken so discretely that we were unaware of the wonderful shots that came out of the experience. Our event was really enhanced both by his spectacular presentation, and by his record of the workshop. We are really looking forward to his return next year!”