Events, performing arts, portraiture, engagements, real-estate and nature field research.

  • $115, an hour
  • $300, 4 hours
  • If your organization has charitable status, a charitable donation is an option.


All services include colour/white balancing edits and client access to image files to be downloaded and printed as desired. Depending on the type of shoot, 20-30 high-resolution photos per hour, culled from 200-400 photos. Additional edits include removing minor unwanted/distracting elements in the scene and minor cropping to best frame the photograph.

  • Portraiture and engagements: Generally one to two hours. One location and as time permits, one outfit change. Retouching services includes facial edits (whitening teeth, blemish removal).
  • Nature field research: Hourly rates can be adjusted depending on the project’s scope,


The hourly rate includes travel time to and from a location in the Victoria area, time photographing, uploading/cataloguing/culling/editing photographs, uploading files to my server for client downloads and any correspondence.



Photography: 20 years experience with digital photography and accessories. 15 years experience providing diagnostic species documentation.

Digital services: 25 years working with Adobe products and post production services.

Event organizer: 25 years experience planning, organizing and participating in a range of events.  This includes producing press releases, sponsor packages, promotional materials and t-shirt designs. This experience allows me to be at ease in a hectic event environment and has fine tuned my understanding of the type of photography event organizers are hoping to obtain for various promotional purposes.